Textile auxiliaries


#Antifoam TMI

Antifoam TMI/32 is an antifoam agent especially developed to avoid the formation of foam in water production systems. It is a water based emulsion which is easily miscible in the water in the process.

#Clerostat RPL

CLEROSTAT RPL is an antistatic agent used as an additive for spinning-oils and silicone emulsions.

#Ensiwax CPA-CV

ENSIWAX CPA-CV is a liquid warp-waxing agent based on synthetic polymers. ENSIWAX CPA-CV can be applied by applicator roll on sectional warping machine. It is especially suited for flax (linen) yarns.

#Ensiwax MC-20

ENSIWAX MC-20 is a weakly colored, liquid warp-waxing agent for cotton, polyester and polyester-cotton yarns. Other synthetic yarns such as polyamide and polypropylene can also be treated with ENSIWAX MC-20.

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