Glass- and stone wool

Mineral wool  manufacturing generates dust during the production cycle.

Garo® products offer a unique dust-binding performance and is now the reference in the mineral wool industry. Compatibility with all other chemicals is ensured and water repellency properties complete the characteristics of this range of products. Garo® is available or can be developed for each binder system and process.

Through continuous product development and tailored products GOVI has established a solid reputation in the mineral wool industry with the product range Garo®


#Emulsions: standard Grade: Garo® 217/S

Apart from the standard grade, there is a grade for each individual resin or for any specific process.

Garo® 217/S is a ready-to-use standard oil emulsion with a high flash point base oil aimed at reducing dust emission during production and installation of mineral wool. Garo® 217/S also provides water repellent properties.

#Self emulsifiable oils: garo® 148

Garo® 148 is a based on a high flash point base oil and contains no water. It can be blended in line or in a water premix to provide dust binding properties in the production and installation of mineral wool. Garo® 148 also gives water repellent properties.

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