Liquid potassium soaps

Key raw material in industrial processes & applications

Govi’s liquid potassium soaps are frequently used as “in-process chemicals”. The most important industrial applications are the foaming process for latex and the production of polymers and polymer additives. Our liquid potassium soaps play an extremely important role and are considered as the key raw material in these processes. Consequently, Govi develops and produces these liquid potassium soaps under the strictest of quality control systems with regards to raw materials as well as finished products.

Production process of liquid potassium soaps

Govi produces liquid potassium soaps in a bath system, commencing with pure fatty acids of triglycerides. Saponification is mainly achieved using potassium hydroxide. However, Govi can also offer you ammonium and sodium liquid soaps. Our production process enables us to accurately monitor the active matter content, ph and viscosity

All our liquid potassium soaps are available in bulk, IBC containers or barrels. Are you looking for a custom-made solution? Then please contact us to discuss your needs and the possibilities. Are liquid potassium soaps not what you are looking for? Then take a look at our esters, solid sodium soaps or our emulsions, dispersions or compounds & blends

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