Solid sodium soaps

Production process of solid sodium soaps

Govi produces powdered solid sodium soaps using a state-of-the-art continuous reactor system that we developed in-house. The complete production process of solid sodium soaps passes 4 stages:

  1. The pure fatty acids are saponified with Sodium hydroxide under high temperatures and pressure.
  2. The obtained “slurry” is atomized to a powder with a low density. These powder particles still have unstable forms and granulometrics.
  3. The product is compacted into soap needles with a higher density and stable forms. 
  4. The needles can be pulverized in a soap powder with a very stable form and granulometrics.


These high-quality solid sodium soaps contain very few small particles (dust) and very few big particles, which results in a very homogenous powder in terms of granulometrics. Our installation allows flexibility regarding water content, granulometrics and fatty acid source. Water content between 2 and 6% is habitual. Our solid sodium soaps are applied in lubricants and powder detergents.

Our soaps are available in laminated 25 kg bags and big bags. Should you have any questions about our solid sodium soaps, feel free to contact us anytime. 

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