Regulatory information is a full part of our service offering. GOVI is committed to provide all necessary information in accordance with legal requirements.

REACH : we are well prepared!

The EU Chemicals Regulation REACH, which stands for Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals, is in force since June 1st, 2007. REACH applies to all companies manufacturing, importing or using chemicals, and stipulates that they must take a greater responsibility in safe handling and using these substances.
GOVI follows the strict policy to only offer products that are REACH compliant, hence we ensure that our customers do not experience any delay or interruption in the supply of our products. As an active member of an international and national Reach-Task Force, we are well aware of all legal obligations under Reach, including the timelines for pre-registration and registration. We have preregistered all substances that we currently manufacture or import. Besides our own pre-registrations, we work closely together with our suppliers to secure an uninterrupted supply of raw materials.


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